Monday, 16 November 2009

In Love With BoobieTrap Corsets

For my birthday this year, my boyfriend got me a beautiful corset from BoobieTrap. I had seen them online somewhere and fell in love with them. I loved the style of them, I just think they are gorgous. The website was when I brought from them, but now they have had a facelift and renamed themselfs to
It took a long time, for me to decide on the fabric I wanted, I started looking at the Gingham, and then I liked the Black Cherry, and I just loved the Sailer Jerry, but didn't think I would be able to get as much wear out of that one, so sadly I had to stop looking at it (although I still love it) then I looked at the Red and White Polker Dots. I was very close getting that one - in fact when I got the mock up, I said I wanted the Polker dot's but then at the last moment, (I must be the most annoying customer ever. I'm always changing my mind, and i find it really hard to settle on something. I think that's why I haven't gotten my tattoo yet.) I decided to go for the Gingham again. That was the first one that caught my eye, and my wonderful boyfriend is always saying go for the first thing you see.

The mock-up arrived, and and we did a bit of tweeking with the sizing. I wanted to have a bit of a princess point, but not to much, so my friend Jennie who has studied fasion, and is a wonderful seamstriss helped me mark out where we thought we wanted it on the mock-up, we took some photos to email to Kirsteen with it on, and she gave me her thoughts. I think the mock-up was done to a 28" waist, but on the mock-up there was not much of a gap so she thought it would be best to go for a 26" -As after you lace it up a few times, and wear it a few times, your body becomes used to it, and you can get it tighter.

My sister came over from America on her way home to New Zealand and stayed with us for a week in London, and then we left our job, hired a car and traveled around Ireland, then hired a campervan and traveled around a bit on Wales and England. So I didn't get to try my corset untill we arrived in Cambridge staying with my boyfriends sister -which is where it had been sent- while we job hunted. I think I must have put on a little weight eating junk when we where traveling, and when my sister and I are together, we encourage each other to have cake, and scones with cream and what not. Mmm scones with cream... I think I will do some baking later today....

Anyway when I tried it on, it was alittle on the small side. Laced up, but with a gap bigger than I liked, and I felt a little as though I was stuffed into it, so I haven't worn it much apart from tring it on every now and then. I haven't worn it out yet. I think the princess point is a little long, and I can't really sit down in it unless I am on a high stool.

But I do love it, and I think it is so beautiful. I wanted something that was more of a retro rockabilly style, that I can wear with skinny jeans and some cute heel, or with a pencil skirt
Let me know what you think!

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