Sunday, 8 November 2009

My First Rant!

Ok so I have never done this before, but for some reason I felt the urge. I don't know why. I have never been so big on this blogging thing, and have never really followed any one else's blog before. I think I was thinking about it because I had a few things that I wanted to share with people, but didn't want to post a video on youtube about. It didn't really feel right to post a video about just whatever was in my head at the time. I'm sure no one really cares. There was something I was excited about, and something I was annoyed about, and something I wanted to warn people about, but I didn't want to load a video about it because it wasn't makeup related, and loading a video about myself kinda screams to me "I WANT EVERYONES ATTENTION!" and I get kinda scared when the attention is all on me. lol that doesn't even make sense. *note to self. Try to be at least a little cohernat when blogging*
so ermm... this is really just a trail run, and I'm going to play with it and see if I can figure out how it works, and if I like it, and maybe I will share it! Otherwise it might just be a whole lot of dear dairy-ing to myself. hehe.

Well for now I am going to get myself made up, and put on my pretty new boots -you might even get to see a photo of them if you are really lucky- and go out for a few drinks, and some live music with friends.

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