Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Ok. So incase you haven't noticed yet... I love corsets.

This was a wee "me" gift I couldn't resist. I was playing around on ebay looking for something, and I couldn't find what I was looking for and thought hmmm I wonder if they have any cute underbusts. I entred it in and found this sold by a a componey called "Leatherotics" I was really suprised at the price, because leather corsets are normally very expensive.

I remember a freind on mine at school made a leather corset for her Ball gown in our last year of school, and I loved it. Then Starwars episode II came out and Natalie Portman playing Padme wore that beautiful leather corset, and the long fishtail skirt, and that amazing chocker bead necklance that hung down past her knees, and ever sinse then I have been determind that One Day, even though I can't get the rest, I will get a full leather corset. .So I was looking around on this site and they had a few different styles that I loved, but I wanted something that I could wear often, say with a white blouse or a shirt, but also funk up a little.
Since I first heard about Steampunk I have *loved* the style, and I wanted to get something that I could wear everyday, (ok not everyday but you know what I mean) or dress up, or go steampunk in, and they had this fab one that had buckles down the frount.
I read about the sizes (although stupidly did not check the size of my boobytrap corset, *face-palm*) and went down for inches from my natural waist and got a 32" corset, paid the extra £8 to have a modesty panell sewing into the back and got it sent out.
It arrived much sooner than I would have expected, (I can't remember exatcly but I think it was less than a week and I was expecting it to take longer as they where ultering it for me.) Although when it arrived it was much to big for me, and even laced up as tight as possible with the ends together it was still much much to big! Guess I have a squidgey tummy.
I contacted them straight away, and they said I could return it and get another one, and only charged me and extra £5 for the postage even though this one was also being ultered.
It took a little longer to get the new one, but totally worth the wait. I love it! I think I could still probably go down a little smaller to a 26" rather than the 28" I got, but I am still really happy with it.
It is a really beautiful and well made (to my untrained eye at least) corset, and the leather is so soft. It molds to my body really well, and is so comfy on I really love it. :)
Thanks leatherotics!

Untill next time :)


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