Monday, 9 November 2009

Halloween Costume Drama

Did you do anything for Halloween? Anything fun and exciting? What did you go as? Did you have fun deciding/making/buying a costume? Did you have any drama's trying to organise a costume? I had Drama. This is a bit of an rant filled with the good and the bad, so if you don't want to hear me bitching don't read it. I am posting it only on the off chance that it save someone else from having all of the trouble with 2 of the companys I tried to buy from that I did!

To start with I had ordered some white contact lenses to because I had wanted to do a few tut's with them, (living dead girl/vampire/zombie) and I was kinda planning on going as a vampire to a Halloween Ball rave with my friend. However. I need to get contacts in a script because I am a little bit blind (not really really blind only -2 but still) and while its really easy to find coloured contacts with no power, its not so easy to find them with power, and they cost a little more.
I found one site which I have used before, and didn't have a problem with, but they didn't have the ones I wanted in stock and had a wee note saying they wouldn't arrive into stock untill the 21st of October which was leaving it alittle bit late to have enough times to do some videos, and also to arrive in time for my party, so after searching around a little bit more, I found a site called which looked good I found the lenses I wanted, added them to cart, saw that there was no note saying they where out of stock and was rather pleased with myself. Ordered them, and then ordered a few other things that I needed for halloween. Some Nose and Scar Wax, some fake blood in "fresh scab" from and that arrived within 2 days, some vampire fangs, which I got from ebay. I have had fangs by the same brand in the past, and they are really good. I just looked them up on ebay, there are a lot of different sizers, style and even colours. You can even get then gold or crome, but they are really good natural (as far as fangs go) looking, and they come with a kit that lets you mold them to you tooth, for a perfect fit, and you can reuse them as much as you like. I would highly recomend them for anyone looking for fangs :)

(This is a photo from the first time I used them which was about 4 years ago. They would still be fine to use now... If I hadn't lost them :S)

Everything arrived the next day. Except for my contacts. Fair enough, there where postal stricks, and sometimes it takes a little longer for things to arrive from some places. So I waited. 4 days later by the end of the week they had still not arrived, so I thought I would send them an email asking where they were. No reply. So the following Monday I called them to find out what was going on as it had been a week, and I still had no reply from my email to them. On the phone they told me that they had emailed me the day after I had ordered them to stay that they were out of stock and should arrive from the supplyer within 2-4 days. Well it had already been 7 days and I could not find the email. They told me to have a look in my spam although I had explainted to them that I had already recived to emails from them, one when I registered to the site, and one when my order was placed so it should not have gone to my spam. It turns out that they had sent it from a different email address that went straight to my spam mail. Never mind, I asked them if they could please look into it, and they said they would, and would call me back by the end of the day. 4 days later I had still not had an phone call nor an email and my contacts had still not arrived, so I decided to cancel the order and look for something else. When I phoned them to ask for a refund they said it would be done that day, and would be in my account within 4 days after it go prossesed with the bank. After a few weeks I called them to find out why it wasn't showing up yet and found they had only prossesed the refund 3 days ago, 9 days after I had called them. Hmmm... so if anyone is looking to get some contacts, I would strongly recomment looking else where for them. I would never shop with them again, their service was not very good.
So I now had a week untill my party that I had been looking forwards to for so long. What am I going to go as now! Time to do some surfing and look for some good ideas. A Witch? No my friend, and my flatmate where both going as witches. A dark Fairy? I think not. While I love them, I have never been anywhere on halloween and seen less then 20 fairys. They are fab, but there are alwasy so many of them. A Pirate? ooo now there is an idea.... found some pretty cool costumes and was right on the verge of buying one when I had the brilliant idea of the Queen of Hearts! Perfect!

Had a wee look around and saw a few different site that had a few different costumes. It came down to two costumes. Eeek I hate deciding these things! I love them both! I loved the long train/skirt at the back of the Enchanting Queen costume, but I also loved the off the sholder, neck ruffle, and big playing card on the Pretty playing card. In the end I decided to go for the pretty playing card. I just love it I think its so dang cute. I had a look on a few different sites trying to find the best deal and ended up buying it from well. I won't be doing that again! Which is a shame because they have some really cute costumes, but I was so let down by them.

I signed up and gave my billing address and delivery address which is different from my billing address. Paid with paypal (thank goodness) and just as I clicked the ok button I realised that it had my billing address as the delivery address which was not what I wanted. So I emailed them to confirm the address I wanted it sent to, and asked when it would be delivered buy as I needed it for the weekend. Got an email back within 5 mins confirming the address I wanted and saying it would be with me by Thursday. Thursday arrived and the petticoat I had ordered on ebay the day after I ordered my costume arrived, but my costume didn't. I emailed them to say hay just wondering if it was being sent by courier because there was a postal strick on the Friday and it would not arrive then. No reply. Emailed them the next day saying Hi I emailed you yesterday, just wondering what was happening with the costume I ordered that was ment to arrive yesterday as I need it tonight. No reply. So now I have no costume. Had a good night anyway although I had to raid bits and pieces from my friends closet as I had nothing to wear. On monday I called them and left a voicemail message saying Hi I ordered a costume from you that I needed for last weekend, It didn't arrive when you said it would, I have emailed you twice and no one has replyed, left my number and asked them to call me back.

Guess what. They didn't. Sent them a third email. Still no reply. Can you belive it? I was getting so pissed off with them. I mean they could have at least emailed to say we are looking into it but nope, I got nuda.

I sent them a forth email saying I have tried to contact them by phone and email and they have been ignoring me and that I was going to go to paypal with a dispute, and bingo I got an almost instent reply from them. Still not saying what was going on, or where my costume was mind you, but at least it was a reply.

This goes on and on and I kept contacting them, and eventuly found out that they had sent it to the wronge address, and that it had arrived there the week after I needed it. I was pretty annoyed with them, and so dismayed by their service but after much to-ing and fro-ing I evently got my costume and they gave me a £10 refund for all the trouble they caused.

I didn't get to wear it out on the night I had brought it for (the weekend before halloween) but we ended up going out with a few work mates on the night of halloween, and I got to wear it out then anyway. I love it, I think it is so damn cute. I got a Christmas decoration from work that was a wee crown, and made that into a head clip, and then got a fake plant with lots of little red roses and cut them off and make little hair pins. Curled my hair, and piled it up (in a bit of a hurry because I spent to long making the hair clips and didn't have as much time as I wanted) and then chucked in a whole lot of the little clips.

I wore my black and white stripy tights, and my black sparkly shoes (they always remind me of The Wizard of Oz in black and white, only with a heal not flats. I love them, they are one of my fav's!) with black stocking socks up to my knees, and a frilly petticoat under my dress to puff it up a little.

I really do love the costume. I am so glad I kept it, and I am waiting for the chance to wear it out again. It was lots of fun, and we had a really good night!

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