Sunday, 5 September 2010

Soft Gold for Red heads and Blue Eyes

So! Like I was saying, this look is for a friend of mine who has a very classic red head compelction (woops spelling!).
She is very very fair, with a gaw-jus ginger, almost Honey Blonde colloured hair.
We were talking about make-up in our dance class the other day, and she said that she really didn't know what to do when it came to make-up.
She had tried going into makeup counters before at places like Mac, and some of the different makeup houses in David Jones and Myre, and the makeup advisers always had really dark makeup, and tried to do dark looks on her, which she just didn't feel confident wearing (she doesn't normally wear any makeup at all).
So this is a very soft gental look with her in mind. Once you have more confidance, and are feeling alittle bolder there is so much you can do!
I forgot to say in the video that for very fair skin, and blonde/red head complection it would look nicer to use a brown mascara instead of black, but I don't have one, and just automaticly said "apply black mascara". Use brown!

So for this look I used:
Paiterly by Mac
Body Shop Shimmer Cube 06 - Lightest shade
Jardin Aires by Mac
Soft Gold by Inglot (I will get the number, but I am at an intnernet cafe at the moment. Internet being hooked up on Tuesday!)
Woodwinked by Mac
A very small amount of the Copper colour in the Shimmer Cube 06 by Body shop, lightly swept accross the lid to warm up a touch more.
Brown eye definer by Ben Nye
Small amount of black liquid liner (I wouldn't recomment using this for very fair/redhead people, but I wanted to add it on for myself)
Mascara - I'd suggest using brown, but I used a black on myself because I don't have a brown.

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