Saturday, 11 September 2010

Cheap Bites

One of my wonderful friends, loaned me the use of her neck for this one. Thanks Steph!
So as you may know, last year I did a video on how to do vampire bites using Nose and Scare Wax and fake blood. But not everyone can get those, so I was going to do a video on how to do the same look on the cheap.
I didn't have time to do it last year, so it was one of the first videos I filmed this year.
It's pretty easy to do, and I think for a night out it's probably better than using the nose and scare wax, because than can move throughout the night as the wax stays soft.

Products Used:
Eyelash From the cheapest set of lashes I could find.
In the top bite I used Raven Red by Revlon
In the bottom bite I used 508a by wet n wild
(you can't see clearly the difference it makes in the photo's though I'm affriad)
Liquid eyeliner by Revlon
All of the eye shadow I used where from my Coastal Sense, 42 matte and Blush Palette. I used a mix of different pinks, with a touch of yellow, and purple.
Red Diva 024 by Rimmal
A red lip gloss (I'm sorry I don't know the name, it is one that has been kicking around in my bag for a while and the name has warn off)
Any clear lip gloss on top.

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