Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Ok.  Let's be honest.

I'm not amazingly good at keeping up with my blog.  2 post's in a year.  That's ok right?

Mostly because I'm not sure how to work it and make it user friendly.  But I'ma try and sort that stuff out.  But it's confusing business this Blogging and I'm still trying to work it out.

I shall endeavor to do better!  And if anybody out there on the big wide web has some tips they would like to share with me, I shell gladly receive it :)

I'd also love it if you could follow me on my Facebook page under my buiness name under "Alchemy Makeup Artistry"  I keep up to date with that, and post photos and updates all the time.
Go there and check it out!  Here's a link :)

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